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I don't do php for quite a while and now i've decided to make a little script but i've ran into a problem i had once before and managed to solve by myself but now i'm not being able to.

Let's say i have 'n' arrays like so...


and then i want to use a 'for loop' to generate the array names and output certain elements of the arrays and/or the whole array itself like so...

    print_r($$num1); //this outputs what's inside all arrays as expected
    echo $$num1[0];

The "echo $num1[0]" is the problem and it's on there just to illustrate that i wanted to 'echo' the contents from elements 0 of all arrays obtaining the following output "32133".

I've made a similar question on stackoverflow a long time ago when i was getting started with php but the aswers on that question don't work for this situation and neither the 2 hours i've lost googling together with searching here on stackoverflow.

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You need to use {}, so PHP knows how to interpret your variable.


Try that. That should work the way you want.

$$num1[0] is being interpreted as ${$num1[0]} (so PHP is looking for $n).

DEMO: http://codepad.org/yn1JUG5U

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I've tried that as well when i was reviewing stuff from variable variables, unfortunately it isn't working, php doesn't display an error or a result for that. And yes you're right, before php was looking for $n –  wxiiir Sep 6 '12 at 21:28
it's working now, i've made an error when i modified the lines with your solution, thank you –  wxiiir Sep 6 '12 at 21:31
You're welcome! :-D –  Rocket Hazmat Sep 6 '12 at 21:32

You can iterate like so, but I'd not recommend it. You need to rethink your array setups.


for( $i=1; $i<=3; $i++ )
    $array = 'numbers'.$i;

    foreach( $$array as $v )
        echo $v .' ';

    echo "\n";


32 16 29 41 36

13 50 47 7 39

3 4 29 35 31

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You have to insert something like the following:

$my_array = $$num1;
echo $my_array[0];

EDIT: Go for @Rocket's answer - slightly cleaner.

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