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I have a number of basic opacity transitions along the lines of

    .attr('opacity', 1)

However, when I run them, often these items will flash to full opacity and then back to none and fade in. Is there any way to prevent this content flickering?

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Testing this, it looks like you get the flicker with .attr('opacity'), but not with .style('opacity'), so changing the transition to .style() should fix this.

Test fiddle:

No idea why this should be true though :(.

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Works a treat. At a guess... perhaps this is a bug in the SVG engine? Using .style means it's relying on CSS instead, which is maybe more refined/has had more attention from browser developers. – futuraprime Sep 7 '12 at 0:06
This thread on the d3 google group might also be applicable here, related to transitioning from a zero value and the way javascript interpolates the numbers:!msg/d3-js/hRlz9hndpmA/BH89BQIRCp4J – Josh Sep 7 '12 at 0:59

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