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Out of the blue yesterday afternoon, subversion connections from my Eclipse IDE to our Subversion repository have been failing (with both Subversive and Subclipse).

I can browse the subversion directory via the browser and it only connections via Eclipse that are failing (I am using a MacBook Prod Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.1; latest Java from Apple 1.6.0)

Message receive when attempting subversion connection:

"RA layer request failed svn: OPTIONS of 'http://example.com/tags/project': Could not read status line: Connection reset by peer (http://example.com)"

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Are you trying to browse the repository, or do you have an existing working copy you are trying to update? I think you are probably not entering a proper SVN repository URL. Just because the browser is working, does not mean that is the right URL for the client. It might be. It depends whether you are browsing the repository directly or using a web GUI.

The problem could also be related to a proxy server. If you need a proxy server, odds are that your web browser is already configured to use it. However, SVN clients have their own configuration for proxies that has to be configured separately.

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Thank you for your reply Mark. It was helpful and I went through the checklist to isolate causes but no luck so far. Others in my team do not have problems accessing. I have since also tried using 'svn' from the command line and I am getting same error. I have no problem if I try to access from another computer - it seems to be something to do with my MacBook that is causing the connection failure: I am stumped! –  user353829 Sep 7 '12 at 16:25

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