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In a UML class diagram, what is the difference between an association relationship and a dependency relationship?

From what I know, an association is a stronger relationship than a dependency, but I'm not sure how it is stronger.

Any example would be more than welcome :)

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What is the difference between dependency and association?:

In general, you use an association to represent something like a field in a class. The link is always there, in that you can always ask an order for its customer. It need not actually be a field, if you are modeling from a more interface perspective, it can just indicate the presence of a method that will return the order's customer.

To quote from the 3rd edition of UML Distilled (now just out) "a dependency exists between two elements if changes to the definition of one element (the supplier) may cause changes to the other (the client)". This is a very vague and general relationship, which is why the UML has a host of stereotypes for different forms of dependency. In code terms, such things as naming a parameter type and creating an object in a temporary variable imply a dependency.


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Why answer, when Martin does it so much better for you?! +1 –  Randolpho Aug 5 '09 at 2:32
It's not crystal clear for me yet, but one thing I did understand is that dependencies are somewhat 'weaker' than associations. It seems that associations are a subset of dependencies, albeit in my view at least, dependency is a stronger word than association. That may well have been the source of the confusion. –  Felipe Almeida Aug 4 '11 at 5:20
That article says it well. In fact it aligns with my thoughts. So pulling in some points from it here: (1) You don't want to show every dependency on a UML diagram - there are far too many. You need to be very selective and show only those that are important to whatever it is you are communicating. (2) If there is an association between two classes, there is also a dependency. The association implies it, as does a generalization. So obvious to infer dependency is somewhat superset relationship of other UML relationships –  Mahesha999 Mar 26 at 7:50
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An association almost always implies that one object has the other object as a field/property/attribute (terminology differs). A dependency typically (but not always) implies that an object accepts another object as a method parameter, instantiates, or uses another object. A dependency is very much implied by an association.

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Dependency is like when you define a method that takes a String(in Java, C#, as string is a object in them) as a parameter, then your class is dependent on String class.

Association is like when you declare a string as an attribute in your class. then your code is associated with the string class.

String name = null //: is a association.
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A dependency is very general and lowering complexity is about diminishing dependencies as much as possible.

An association is a strong (static) dependency. Aggregation and Composition are even stronger.

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