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I am using ruby and rest-client gem.

I try to communicate with a RESTFULL API.

It's working fine if I use the following:

RestClient.post "http://www.restfullapi.com/students/284433/enroll", {:token => token, :param1 => "56303", :param2 => ""}.to_json, :content_type => :json

but if I decide to use the active resource style:

api = RestClient::Resource.new "http:/www.restfullapi.com"

response = api["/students/284433/enroll"].post  :params => {:token => token, :param1 => "56303", :param2 => ""}

I just end up with an error 412 Precondition Failed (RestClient::PreconditionFailed)

I am not sure what is exactly the doifference and why is working and not the other.

Thank you

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Http status 412 Precondition Failed means that server doesn't meet correct headers in your request. So it seems that you have to set them manually.

May be this can help.

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