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I installed this plug-in - NINJA FORMS LITE - on few of my client's Wordpress websites. The forms do AJAX validation.

The client just reported an issue saying that the form's validation is not working right in WINDOWS 7. When I asked what browser they are experiencing the issue - they said it is happening in IE and Firefox. The issue is that the form a) does not submit and b) AJAX validation writes 0 (zero) where the form fields used to be.

Also, the WP site they have has a jquery slider on the homepage, which apparently also does not work in Windows7.

However, there are no issues in any of the browsers in any other OS (Windows or MAC).

Any ideas what this could be and the best way to go about fixing it?

Here is one of the websites they report having the issue in Windows - http://irvinemachinerymovers.com/

Thanks a lot!

enter image description here

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Actually - I just tested the form myself on my MAC (Mountain Lion) and got the exact same ZERO thingy. –  hanazair Sep 6 '12 at 22:18
Google Chrome 23.0 (dev) on Windows 8 Pro -> not displaying the 0 thing! –  Frederick Marcoux Sep 6 '12 at 22:20

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