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What are the C/C++ documentation tools that you have used? Which one would you recommend?

I have used doxygen with graphviz but it seems to have a problem with large code bases especially when generating collaboration diagrams.

I found DoxyS on the web but have not used it. Going by the documention on its homepage it looks like its worth trying out.

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Could you elaborate on the problem you are having with Doxygen? How large are the code bases that you're dealing with? – Michael Aaron Safyan Aug 5 '09 at 2:57

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Doxys is based on doxygen so any problems you are having with doxygen are likely to be present also in doxys. I had asked a question a while ago about performance of doxygen here: How to get doxygen to run faster?

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I'm an old-time literate programmer. Noweb has some barely adequate indexing and cross-reference for C.

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Doxygen is a tool that you can change, I think.

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I too recommend doxygen. – Maciek Aug 5 '09 at 6:09

I have used cxref in the past. It is C-only, but I find that it is nice and simple to use. I tend to prefer doxygen nowadays.

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We too experienced performance problems with Doxygen when running it on all our codebase at once. We solved the problem by running Doxygen on each module separately, and using tagfiles to link them.

Alternatively, you could try Synopsis. It seems interesting but I never tried it, as we are currently satisfied with the Doxygen-with-tagfiles solution.

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