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Which framework i need to import to compile if i want to use openssl/bn.h i am getting compilation errors ("referenced from") for all BN functions

please help

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OpenSSL is used internally on the phone, but the API is not supported for app development, and the symbols are not available to iPhone apps.

If you want to use openssl you will need to build it and statically link it with your app. That will also mean you you need to deal with export compliance. Yeah, I think it sucks too. If you think Apple should expose some particular OpenSSL functionality you should file a feature request.

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In order to build the library maybe this link is useful http://www.therareair.com/2009/01/01/tutorial-how-to-compile-openssl-for-the-iphone/

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You can also compile OpenSSL as a library for iOS. Here is an script from me what do this automaticly: http://www.x2on.de/2010/12/16/tutorial-script-for-building-openssl-for-ios-iphoneipad/

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