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Is there an equivalent of 'perl -d' for PHP? I need to step through some complicated unit test and don't want to install any firefox or client/server extensions. Just looking for a line by line execution of my code.


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I use Zendebugger but also curious about if there is a way to do things like that –  NSF Sep 6 '12 at 22:39

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Unfortunately, PHP has no internal debugger

There is an interactive shell, but not sure if that will be a good solution for you.

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I use VS.php, which is a commercial add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio (2003 through 2010). It includes GDB and XDebug and a local Apache server. It supports step-through debugging as you describe and VS integration including the Locals, Watch, and Call Stack windows.

I understand similar systems exist for Eclipse (for free too, presumably) as well as the commercial Komodo IDE.

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make use of Eclipse and choose perspective as PHP.....you r using APACHE for web server....in that you have to add XDEBUG in dll in php EXT folder and made some changes in php.ini and it will work same as .NET debugger......step by step....

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