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I am trying to get my radiobuttons to look like regular buttons (like the button groups here:http://jasny.github.com/bootstrap/components.html). The problem is if I use the razor html helper @Html.RadioButtonFor(... I don't understand how to link that output with the elements that the bootstrap requires. What is the best way to go about putting the data into the bootstrap styling without losing the razor linking to my model?

Thanks in advance for the help

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Have you looked at using templates? ~/Views/Shared/DisplayTemplates then using DisplayFor/EditorFor? –  Brad Christie Sep 6 '12 at 22:45

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There is nothing wrong with writing out the radio buttons "long hand" in normal Html <Input type="radio"> syntax, especially if it's a one off and you have custom bits of Html to go round it. The HtmlHelpers are only that, helpers. Just make sure you populate the id="model.value" so the binder picks up the property.

If you find yourself re-using this longer code then you could create an HtmlHelper extension method to render the Html you want. It's kind of like building your own one and would allow you to do something like Html.TwitterRadioButtonFor(....).

There is a very basic guide to writing HtmlHelpers on this blog.

EDIT: If you are just looking to style then you can always just pass in a class using

new { @class = "myClass" }
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The best way to integrate html helpers with twitter bootstrap is to use TwitterBootstrapMVC

-- Free for Bootstrap 2.

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