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I'm Trying to develop a module with Zend that will look up for my latest tweets and display on my Blog.

I've read and learned about Zend_Service_Twitter and with this class I suppose I should get latest tweets form my twitter.

when I launch this code given below:

public function indexAction() {

        $token = unserialize('XXXXX');      
        $twitter = new Zend_Service_Twitter(array(
             'username' => 'XXX',
             'accessToken' => $token,
             'consumerKey' => 'XXXX',
             'consumerSecret' => 'XXXX',
             'callbackUrl' => 'http://localhost/zendtest/public/blog'

        // verify user's credentials with Twitter
        $response = $twitter->account->verifyCredentials();

        // Get Timeline
        $response = $twitter->status->userTimeline();

        $this->view->twitresponse = $response;


I'm getting this error:

Fatal error:
 Uncaught exception 'Zend_Service_Twitter_Exception' with message 'Twitter session is unauthorised. You need to initialize Zend_Service_Twitter with an OAuth Access Token or use its OAuth functionality to obtain an Access Token before attempting any API actions that require authorisation' in D:\Server\xampp\htdocs\zendtest\library\Zend\Service\Twitter.php:282

Stack trace: 
 #0 D:\Server\xampp\htdocs\zendtest\library\Zend\Service\Twitter.php(769): Zend_Service_Twitter->_init() 
 #1 [internal function]: Zend_Service_Twitter->accountVerifyCredentials()
 #2 D:\Server\xampp\htdocs\zendtest\library\Zend\Service\Twitter.php(270): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
 #3 [internal function]: Zend_Service_Twitter->__call('verifyCredentia...', Array) 
 #4 D:\Server\xampp\htdocs\zendtest\application\modules\twitter\controllers\TwitterServiceController.php(27): Zend_Service_Twitter->verifyCredentials() 
 #5 D:\Server\xampp\htdocs\zendtest\library\Zend\Controller\Action.php(516): Twitter_TwitterServiceController->indexAction() 
 #6 D:\S in D:\Server\xampp\htdocs\zendtest\library\Zend\Controller\Plugin\Broker.php on line 336

I've lots of articles on the Internet and here but still can't resolve my problem.

Does anyone know how do deal with this issue?
And what's in common with Zend_Oauth_Consumer?

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If you only want to show your own timeline, you could request the Tokens "directly" on the Twitter Developer pages, and "hardcode" it into your application. So you dont have to deal with redirects and auth process. Try this: (untested because iam on the run..)

    $token = new Zend_Oauth_Token_Access();

        'oauth_token'        => 'oAUTH-TOKEN',
        'oauth_token_secret' => 'oAUTH-TOKEN-SECRET',

    $twitter = new Zend_Service_Twitter(array(
        'username'       => 'USER',
        'consumerKey'    => 'CONSUMER-KEY',
        'consumerSecret' => 'CONSUMER-SECRET',
        'accessToken'    => $token

    $timeLine = $twitter->status->userTimeline();
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+1. Should be approved. – Florent Sep 7 '12 at 8:20

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