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I wrote application with xmpp. It sending message using gtalk. I want to print received message. How can i do? My application short code as follows.

def process_message():
    client = xmpp.Client('gmail.com')
    client.connect( server=('talk.google.com',5223) )
    client.auth(user,passwd, 'botty')

    to = raw_input("to: ");
    if client:
        message = raw_input("message: ")
        client.send( xmpp.Message( to,message ) )

if __name__ == "__main__":
    user = raw_input("User: ")
    passwd = getpass.getpass("Pass: ")
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You need to register an event handler for incoming messages, using Client.registerHandler. Have a look at sample client code like this or this one. For instance, the latter implements the message handler function like this:

def xmpp_message(self, con, event):
    type = event.getType()
    fromjid = event.getFrom().getStripped()
    if type in ['message', 'chat', None] and fromjid == self.remotejid:
        sys.stdout.write(event.getBody() + '\n')
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