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I'm looking at maybe setting up a teamcity CI server for use with a git (github) repo.

I'd like to have teamcity build each branch that gets pushed to the main repo and it seems like TeamCity supports this now.

When a branch gets pushed I'd like to create a new IIS website/app pool etc for it all, and it seems like I can accomplish this with web deploy or something other similar.

The thing I'm wondering if its possible is that when a branch is deleted from the repo as its been merged into master/prod is there a way to get TeamCity to run a batch file/command in which I would remove all of the artifacts (website/app pool/db etc) from the server that deployed the site for that branch only.

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It might not be what you want, but why would you use TeamCity, if you could have done that using a simple pre-receive hook?

See this for more details.

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