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I have to recognize comments like this using JLex:

;this is a comment

as you can see, it has no recognizable ending. I've searched everywhere, and according to what I found I should use something like one of these:

COMMENT = [;]([^\n])*
COMMENT = [;]([^\r\n])*

But then when a normal word comes after the comment (in the next line) I get an error. My parser is just fine, I'm sure my problem is on my JLex. Could you please help me?

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Could you post more information about the error you get? –  yzernik Sep 7 '12 at 1:01
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Try entering a new state when the comment begins, and leaving that state when it ends.

Here's an example from JLexPHP.

include 'jlex.php';

<COMMENTS> [^\n] {
    return $this->createToken();
<COMMENTS> [\n] {
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