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New to C# so forgive me if i am missing something simple here.

I am trying to set a labelink(On click) to copy the text of a maskedtextbox(phone number) to the clipboard minus the mask. I have set the property in the maskedtextbox to include literals only. If i select the text and ctrl+c it works perfectly. I cannot get this to work on a button click though i have tried Clipboard.SetText(custBtnText.Text); and it will run but it gives me 000-000-0000 and i need 0000000000. Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.


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@hans no need. It's much simpler than that. Check my answer. – Icarus Sep 6 '12 at 23:59
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Simply set the masked.TextMaskFormat=MaskFormat.ExcludePromptAndLiterals and then call .Text

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Lol now i feel dumb :) This worked great as well – Nabbic Sep 6 '12 at 23:51

I haven't used that control but, in this case, you could always try something like this:

Clipboard.SetText(custBtnText.Text.Replace("-", "");

But when working with user input, I'd be a little more thorough. For example, if I really only wanted digits, I might loop through each character and only save those that are digits. Depends on your requirements though.

string GetDigits(string s)
    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
    foreach (var c in s)
        if (Char.IsDigit(c))
    return sb.ToString();
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@ Jonathan Clipboard.SetText(custBtnText.Text.Replace("-", "")); worked perfectly. I think it should suffice as well because with the masked box they can only enter the text a specific way anyway so it will always have the "-". Thanks so much works great! – Nabbic Sep 6 '12 at 23:50

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