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I want to replace <whatever>Some Title</whatever> with <something>Some Title</something> using the Find and Replace tool inside of Dreamweaver. How do I perform?

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Not a Dreamweaver user, but this simple approach works in my editor (Emacs):





This is a pretty straightforward approach but it may fall short of your needs. Do some or all of your <whatever> element pairs occupy more than one line of text? Or do you have more than one <whatever> pair on a single line?

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I guess you want to change all your <whatever> tags with an <something> tag without changing your text, right?

If it is so, find (in source code) <whatever>(.*)</whatever> and replace it with <something>1$</something>. The $1 is used as a variable for anything fits the (.*) part DW finds for each instance.

For example, you you want to comment all instances of an document.NAMEOFANYFORMONTHEPAGE.WHATEVERNAME.focus(); in a JavaScript file, you would use find: document\.(.*)\.focus\(\); and replace it with: // document.$1.focus();

Don't forget to escape special characters and, please, try a few instances before using Replace All

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