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I am trying to loop a SELECTED RESULT SET in a Stored Procedure depending on whatever number I specify as my parameter.


CREATE PROCEDURE Say_ma_name(IN number INT)
    DECLARE v_counter INT DEFAULT 0;
    DECLARE v_name CHAR;
    SELECT name INTO v_name FROM Table WHERE id = number;

Now lets say the name SELECTED is 'Bob'. I would like from here to have a generated RESULT SET that returns:

    Bob, Bob, Bob

The rest of my script looks something like this:

        SELECT CONCAT_WS(',',v_name);
        SET v_counter = V_counter + 1;
    UNTIL v_counter > number END REPEAT;

CALL Say_ma_name(1);

For those of you following, this will return THREE(3) separate result sets, each with Bob in it. I am trying achieve this all in just one result. Regards.

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If you have one 'Bob' in your table, why do you want to get result set of three 'Bob' records? Also, I do not see any relations between number in WHERE clause and number to count records. – Devart Sep 7 '12 at 6:06

So you'll need to create an intermediate string value:

SET @result = '';
    SET @result = CONCAT(@result, ',');
    SET v_counter = V_counter + 1;
UNTIL v_counter > number END REPEAT;

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of course the real WTF is the fact that there appears to be no good reason to use the id value of the row and repeat the string that many times. – Gavin Towey Sep 7 '12 at 1:10

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