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  <B type="source">
        <E ref="description">my_desc</E>
        <E>Some other E</E>


$doc = new SimpleXMLElement('URL.xml', null, true);
$path = $doc->xpath('A/B[@type="source"]/C/D/E[@ref="description"]');
var_dump ($path);



Ultimately, I am trying to get the inner value of <E> with a ref="description". What am I doing wrong? Following guide from: http://php.net/simplexmlelement.xpath

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Did you try this with /text() at the end of your query? –  noko Sep 7 '12 at 2:33
as in $doc->xpath('A/B[@type="source"]/C/D/E[@ref="description"]/text()'); or $doc->xpath('A/B[@type="source"]/C/D/E[@ref="description"]')->text();? Neither produce different results. –  Jared Sep 7 '12 at 3:04
Add a // at the start of your query. //A/B[@type="source"]/C/D/E[@ref="description"] works –  noko Sep 7 '12 at 3:11

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Using the XML you provided, the following code will print out the string value of E:

$doc = new SimpleXMLElement('URL.xml', null, true);
$path = $doc->xpath('/A/B[@type="source"]/C/D/E[@ref="description"]');
echo $path[0];

You need to start your query off with a / to specify the document root.

You can also just query //E[@ref="description"] to find all E elements you want.

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