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I have an admin area for clients which works great!

namespace :admin do
  root to: "base#clients"
  resources :clients

I want to have the index and show actions from the app/controllers/clients_controller.rb to also work for non-admins and keep all of the admin CRUD as it is now but with the above routes I am getting an error No route matches [GET] "/clients" as I would have expected because I moved the routes into the admin namespace.

My question is how do I expose my non-namespace admin actions to non-admins and still maintain the admin namespace actions in my routes above?


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Just add resources :clients, :only => [:index, :show] outside of the :admin namespace. See http://guides.rubyonrails.org/routing.html#restricting-the-routes-created for more options.

You can always inspect the created routes when you enter rake routes in your terminal.

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