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How can I remove an element when parsing XML with Ox?

Ox has an append method - (Object) <<(node) but doesn't seem to have a - (Element) remove method. Nokogiri has a remove function, does Ox have an equivalent?


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Consider this document:

doc = Ox::Document.new(:version => '1.0')
top = Ox::Element.new('top')
top[:name] = 'sample'
doc << top

Now you can observe:

doc.nodes.class => Array

Your nodes are just a regular ruby array. And thus you have all the Enumerable functionality combined with the Array facilities of Ruby.

To delete the element we've created above, you can do this:

doc.nodes.delete top

Or an index-based removal if that's what you need:

doc.nodes.delete_at 0

Hope this helps

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I guess my question is really once you delete the nodes, how can you replace the existing element? The delete method isn't delete!. Does that make sense? There don't seem to be any methods for replacing elements... or deleting them. –  Josh Voigts Sep 7 '12 at 13:23
You have an array of objects. You can delete them and replace them as much as you want. delete! is not an Array method. You can use collect! or map! to replace elements in-place. Please refer to the Array documentation. –  Daniel Szmulewicz Sep 7 '12 at 13:39
Ah, ok I think I know what was up, I was trying to delete from an xpath expression: doc.root.locate("Story/Paragraph/*").clear when I should have been deleting like this doc.root.locate("Story/Paragraph")[0].nodes.clear. Doesn't seem like it should make much of a difference... –  Josh Voigts Sep 7 '12 at 14:48

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