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I'm integrating some ClojureScript code with a JS library call that takes a callback function. The JS library passes data to the callback using JavsScript's "this" keyword.

I can get it to work using (js* "this"). For example:

(libraryCall (fn [] (.log console (js* "this"))))

Is there a way to get at the "this" context from ClojureScript without resorting to js*?

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Use the built-in this-as macro. It takes a name and a body, and evaluates the body with the name bound to JavaScript this.


(libraryCall (fn [] (this-as my-this (.log js/console my-this))))

Great question... had to dig into the compiler code to find it, it's not well advertised at all.

I'll add it to the book.

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Works great, thank you! – Aaron Iba Sep 14 '12 at 10:08

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