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I'm reading a book that's making a Twitter clone with Sinatra in order to improve my knowledge of Ruby. I'm puzzled by the author's use of

User.first(:nickname => params[:recipient])

which he uses in several locations throughout the code, as in the following example.

post '/message/send' do
recipient = User.first(:nickname => params[:recipient])
Status.create(:text => params[:message], :user => User.
get(session[:userid]), :recipient => recipient)
redirect '/messages/sent'

What exactly is 'first' adding to this method. For example, is it searching for the first user with the nickname passed in as the parameter :recipient? In other words, is it equivalent to 'find'?

I should add that it puzzles me also because the nicknames are supposed to be unique, so there's no reason why it would need to search for the 'first' if that's indeed what it's doing.


The author is using DataMapper for the ORM

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Is User a model defined in other file with a ORM like sequel or data mapper? – halfelf Sep 7 '12 at 3:30
yes, with DataMapper – Leahcim Sep 7 '12 at 3:42
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Ok, 'first' is a datamapper method that 'finds'. From the docs

zoo  = Zoo.first(:name => 'Metro')    # first matching record with the name 'Metro'
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