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I have a form with a countries select menu, with a states select menu that gets Ajax loaded once a country is chosen. I am using trigger('create') on the element that loads the states select menu on the Ajax 'complete'.

This all works fine if I browse normally (JQM Ajax) to the page that has the form, however if I load that page using a hard link, or refresh the page that contains the form, the select menu does not get styled when calling trigger('create');

The code is quite simple:

// from the Ajax 
'complete':function() { loadStates() },

// the function
function loadStates() {
$( "#stateRow" ).trigger( "create" );

if I put an alert within the loadStates() function, it fires both when I browse to the page normally (Ajax), or if I use a hard link or refresh the page, however with the latter two "create" simply is not working.


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Possible duplicate:… –  A.K Sep 7 '12 at 4:33
No, its not related. Its quite well known that trigger('create') does not work on data-role="header" (or footer) elements. –  Billy Sep 7 '12 at 4:39
Wow - JQM is really inconsistent. I have another form, with the same as the first form (although different IDs).... when I browse to my index page, then to either of the forms, trigger('create') may work on an Ajax loaded page and may work on a refreshed page.... or it may not. I think its just a case of JQM is extremely buggy... I will check my version to make sure its not a Beta –  Billy Sep 7 '12 at 6:05

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