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I spilled water on my macbook pro. The computer is fine, but the mouse track-pad is not really working anymore. How can I get rid of the water?

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Easy. First, turn off the computer. You won't be able to use it for a couple of hours. Second, find a source of heat that can help evaporate the water. Turns out my ikea halogen desk lamp is surprisingly effective at generating heat ( lamp pic here). Third, position the source of heat close to the trackpad, but not directly in contact of it. I would say if you can get a temperature between 50-70 degrees celsius, that's good. You don't want the casing to get too hot as it may damage components inside the unibody (you especially don't want heat when the computer is powered off and thus no fans can cool it). Leave the setup at such for a few hours. Your trackpad should be fine afterward once the water as evaporated.

update: if you spilled soda... tough luck. While you can still evaporate the water, stuff left behind may still create electrical shorts in your trackpad.

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You often just use DI water with it unpowered and battery out to thoroughly rinse then you must thoroughly dry, not a fast process. –  Kortuk Sep 7 '12 at 5:22

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