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I have a pretty poorly performing query (which I inherited) and I'm not too sure how to optimize it... As far as I understand it's setting the value of a 2nd column as the value of the 1st column PLUS a value from another table, where a relationship is found.

update table1 set
col2 = col1 || coalesce (( 
    select table2.the_column_wanted from table2 where table2.fk = table1.pk and
    table2.flag = 'Y'))

where flag = 'Y' and pk in ( select distinct fk from table2 );
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That COALESCE() is pointless, as if there's only 1 argument, it gets returned. COALESCE() returns the first non-null argument it finds, or null if all arguments are null. –  Clockwork-Muse Sep 7 '12 at 16:03

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The exact speed issue depends on the characteristics of your table, but in general I would look into MERGE for this sort of problem. Something like this:

MERGE INTO table1 USING table2
   ON table1.pk = table2.fk and 
      table1.flag = 'Y' and
      table2.flag = 'Y'
      table1.col2 = table1.col1 || table2.the_column_wanted;

The query as written is very questionable. You should probably take a good look at all of the code you have "inherited."

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