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I am trying sample code from OpenCV 2.4.2 "facerec_demo.cpp" for facerecogntion using eigenfaces. I am able to build and run the code on Fedora 14 Linux. I also checked the output for various conditions of having matching and nonmatching input image. I have also gone through the OpenCV 2.4.2 documenation but not very clear about the interpretation of output of predict function?. The Test results of predict function is as follows.

  1. For matching Input face -> predictedLabel = 0; Confidence =0
  2. For Non matching Input Face -> predictedLabel = 1; Confidence=-1602920021
  3. For Slightly matching- means i have only 1 image in face database matching this image.

then: predictedLabel = 1; Confidence =1594149678. Request you to help me understand these values. I read in the documentation that, the predictedLabel should be -1 for nonmatching images but i'm getting 1?

Also i have couple of other questions and request you to kindly Clarify?

  1. Is it necessary to have the Bits per pixel if Training image and input same. For example if i have a training image of 24bpp bmp and test image of 8bpp bmp, then will the algorithm work?
  2. Out of 3 face recongnition algorithms supported in OpenCV 2.4.2, Eigenfaces, FisherFaces and LBP, which is better for varying input image size and background illumincation.
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This question was also posted at answers.opencv.org/question/2141/… and has been answered there. –  bytefish Sep 7 '12 at 15:29

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