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I have a database table in MYSQL with around 1000 rows. In the table I have a column called 'overview'. In each row, this column has some value and at the end of that value I have a specific line (text) starting with: 'Source...'

Now what I want is, I want to remove this line from each column and replace it with some other text content.

I believe it can be accomplished with some smart query.

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You can simply use REPLACE in your query like this

    UPDATE your_table SET col_name = REPLACE(col_name , ‘Source...’, ‘new_val’)
    WHERE col_name LIKE '%Source...';

Check Out the SQLFIDDLE.

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MySQL database has a handy and simple string function REPLACE() that allows table data with the matching string (from_string) to be replaced by new string (to_string).

The syntax of REPLACE is:

REPLACE (text_string, from_string, to_string)

In your case, you can do this way:

UPDATE `tableName` SET `column` = REPLACE(column , 'Source...', 'Replaced Value')
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Use Replace

update TBL set overview = Replace(picture, 'Source..', 'replacement')

keep a backup of the table before anything.Or you can do it on a copy.

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you can do this by following:

update table_name set col_name = replace(column_name , ‘Source...’, ‘Replaced String...’);
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