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Using C#, I will be handling character arrays of info, looking for the following pattern:

a pipe (0x7C), 2 to 7 pairs of characters, followed by another pipe (0x7C).

Stated another way:


The character pairs consist of characters whose range is from 33-124 decimal ( '!' to '|').

Pairs 3 through 7 are optional, but occur in order, if they occur, so you could have

    |1122| <---shortest
    |11223344556677| <---longest

I want to 1) find out if this pattern exists in the character array, 2) extract the individual pairs. These tasks can be separate. I think the best approach to this would be a RegEx, but so far I haven't been able to dream-up an expression to get the job done.

Is a RegEx the way to go and what would a solution for the RegEx itself be?

Is there a better way?


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So, I've kept working at it and came up with |[!-|]{2,7}| for a regex. The question remains how to do this AND extract the minimum 2 pairs and optional remaining 5 pairs? –  Chuck Bland Sep 7 '12 at 5:31

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If I understand your question correctly the correct pattern would be:


Or to capture each set


Not sure if the range will work directly like that or not, so you may need to do [A-Za-Z!@#$......] if the simplified range doesn't work

Also, I think you don't want to include pipe(|) in the range as it could mess up the rest so [!-{] might be better

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Ben, thank-you for a quick and elegant response. I just spent a few minutes playing with this expression in Expresso and it works as desired. RegExs always look so logical once solved. –  Chuck Bland Sep 7 '12 at 5:45

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