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Does jibx support json? or is there a way to support json format using jibx marshalling? I am trying to implement a rest service with json format support and alsi jibx marshalling support.

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Sorry, JiBX does not support json marshalling/unmarshalling. I would suggest using JiBX for the XML part and take a look at this stackoverflow subject for converting dom to json.

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It's possible to generate JSON with JiBX by using Jettison:

StringWriter pw = new StringWriter(16384);
XMLStreamWriter w = new MappedXMLStreamWriter(mnc, pw);

// Generate XML.
IMarshallingContext mctx = bfact.createMarshallingContext();
    new StAXWriter(bfact.getNamespaces(), w));

mctx.marshalDocument(obj, "UTF-8", true);


return pw.toString();

However, all of the XML attributes will come out as strings.

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