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I have the problem to store the downloaded data in my android device Now I store the data on my sdcard, but this is not much prevent from the user. I need to store the data securely from the user. How can I do that?

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Thanks for your response –  Rajesh Kumar Sep 7 '12 at 6:06

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there is no way you can prevent the user from accessing your data. The max you can do is :

  1. Make the folders you create as hidden ( prefix the folder names with a . )
  2. remove the extension of the files you create, if possible. In most cases you can still access them & your files dont show up in other apps (like music players, Image viewers).
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That's the max you can do? What about encrypting the files? I know it is not 100% secure but is better than just hide the files –  pomber Oct 31 at 20:11
I agree. Encryption could be the better option.It depends on how sensitive the data is. My answer could be a simpler solution for, say, a game which downloads a few images from a server, but the user might not want these images to show up in the Gallery app and so on.. –  Vinay Wadhwa Nov 3 at 6:55

For storing senstive data or some downloaded dat in the application , just use internal Storage. ie "data/data/{App package name}/{direcdtory name}". if you store data inside the internal storage, only your application can access the data not the user nor other application.

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