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I am using dgrid and CellSelection plugin to select a Cell. Suppose grid is of 4 columns, when first Cell is filled with data(by some action, say clicking on button), focus moves to next Cell, again data is filled in this cell , moves focus to next cell and so on.

Above scenario is working fine in Chrome and FF but it is failing in IE 9, it gives this error

Unable to get value of the property 'className': object is null or undefined

I am retrieving 'selected cell' like this.

grid.on(".dgrid-cell:click", function(evt){
        selectedCell = grid.cell(evt);

and here data is filled(by clicking on button) in selectedCell and moves to next cell

 var item =;
 item.field = 'FirstCell';, {
     overwrite : true


I found error is thrown in grid.right call but couldn't explore much in it

any suggestions on this?

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