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In ruby on rails project.

I am using PDFKit gem for generating pdf reports

PDFKit uses wkhtmltopdf executable which is to be installed on the machine .
  • And next step to give the path of the executable .

  • I dont want to use the executable file .because if i use it how to deploy it on server .

  • the server will need to install it on its local and give the path.

Is it possible to use only library????

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The executable is used to wrap the underlying Qt app, so it's technically possible to wrap the library in a gem (using ffi or some other similar lib) but I never heard anybody doing it.

I'm myself bundling the executable with my Rails app, to ship both at once when I deploy (even on Heroku).

To do the same, you can put the binary file in directory (you can call it bin), and configure PDFKit to get the executable where it's at using PDFKit.configure in an initializer for instance (you might wanna check the README).

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i dont want to use exe..... –  msdq Dec 18 '12 at 18:23

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