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'm developing an application in which I'm pasting images, doing drawing and painting on canvas. This app can also Scale up/down the canvas or drag it to different location. My problem is: I can't get the correct canvas coordinates after scaling or dragging the canvas. I want to draw finger paint after the canvas is scaled or dragged but unable to retrieve the right place where i've touched...

public boolean onTouchEvent(MotionEvent event) {



        switch ( event.getAction() & MotionEvent.ACTION_MASK ){

            case MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN :
                // Remember our initial down event location.
                start.set(event.getX() , event.getY());
                mode = DRAG;                

            case MotionEvent.ACTION_POINTER_DOWN :

                oldDist = spacing(event);
                if (oldDist > 10f) {

                    midPoint(mid, event);
                    mode = ZOOM;


            case MotionEvent.ACTION_UP :
            case MotionEvent.ACTION_POINTER_UP :
                    mode = NONE;


            case MotionEvent.ACTION_MOVE :

                if(mode==DRAG && isDragAllowd){
                        rebound(event.getX() , event.getY());
                else if(mode==ZOOM){

                    float newDist = spacing(event);
                    if (newDist > 10f){


                            float scale = newDist/oldDist;
                            float currentScale = matrixValues[Matrix.MSCALE_X];

                            // limit zoom
                            if (scale * currentScale > maxZoom){
                                    scale = maxZoom / currentScale;
                                    //scale = maxZoom;
                            else if (scale * currentScale < minZoom){
                                    scale = minZoom / currentScale;
                                    //scale = minZoom;

                            m_matrix.postScale(scale, scale, mid.x, mid.y);




    return true; //done with this event so consume it



protected void onDraw(Canvas canvas){

        canvas.drawBitmap(currentBitmap, m_matrix, null);
        commandManager.executeAll(c2); // Drawing all the Paints on Canvas c2
        // Overlay bitmap it's a transparent layour 
            canvas.drawBitmap(overlayBitmap, 0, 0, pTouch);


when user zoom the bitmap he is not able to draw over it , after zooming drawing doesn't happen at proper place.

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please help me out with the above issue. – strike Sep 7 '12 at 7:22
Hi Strike, can u share the code for zoom image and drawing paint . – Ramesh Akula Apr 26 at 12:47
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use the following equation for transformed the points, after that user will not face an any difficulty painting during zoom or after scrolling.

 float f1 = (( motionEvent.getX() - m_transformedPoints[0] )/( m_transformedPoints[2] - m_transformedPoints[0] ))*currentBitmapWidth;
     float f2 = (( motionEvent.getY() - m_transformedPoints[1] )/( m_transformedPoints[3] - m_transformedPoints[1] ))*currentBitmapHeight; 

    //calculate the transformed view in onDraw Method
    this.m_transformedPoints[0] = 0.0F;
    this.m_transformedPoints[1] = 0.0F;
    this.m_transformedPoints[2] = currentBitmapWidth;
    this.m_transformedPoints[3] = currentBitmapHeight;
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Excellent solution! Thank you!!! – bukka.wh Apr 23 '14 at 16:19
what is m_transformedPoints ? – MohsinSyd Mar 17 '15 at 7:47

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