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I have a JasperReports template that contains a textField element that will contain a variable length of strings. If the string is too long to fit the width, it'll be split which is fine except when the string contains a hyphen or a space char. In this case the string is split from that char. Below are some example of what's the input, observed outcome and wanted outcome + summary to make my point easier to understand.

input      observed   wanted   summary
overflow  -> overfl -> overfl : OK
over flow -> over   -> over f : NOT OK
over-flow -> over-  -> over-f : NOT OK

Setting the reportElement to have isStretchWithOverflow="true" attribute will split the text on two lines, but this is not wanted behaviour.

Is there anyway to fix this?


EDIT: The input data comes from an external source, so I cannot directly change that. I ran some tests and noticed that using non-breaking space will do for spaces. non-breaking hyphen on the other hand is not printed at all, i.e. text 'over-flow' becomes 'overflow'. Not quite what is wanted.

Despite the input source not in my control, I could fix this problem by writing a Scriptlet that'll change spaces to non-breaking spaces and hyphens to non-breaking hyphens, only if those darn non-breaking hyphens would be printed.

Printing to PDF by the way, in case that gives some hints of the problem.

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You question is the same as iReport issue with isStretchWithOverflow – Alex K Sep 7 '12 at 6:44
@Alex K, not quite the same, I don't want the text to split on multiple lines. I just want it to end. Looking at the sources was my next options, the other post gives a good hint on where to look for. – kaskelotti Sep 7 '12 at 7:49
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It's a font issue. Non-breaking hyphen works(\u2011) fine, when the font supports it. See fonts sample on how load other than the default font (DejaVu Sans for example).

If anyone has a better option for the input source modification than the Scriptlet, please let me know.

(Marking my own answer as correct in order to get this topic closed.)

EDIT: Have to wait for two days in order to mark this answer correct.

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Your solution sounds fine. I would probably avoid the scriptlet by putting the calculation directly into the TextField. Use a commons lang utility(…) replaceChars or just java.lang.String.replaceAll() a couple of times. – mdahlman Sep 7 '12 at 17:58
Thanks @mdahlman, I'll check the option of putting the calculation directly in the TextField. – kaskelotti Sep 10 '12 at 6:45

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