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My question is quite simple: Is there a way to sync the changes you make in the Settings.StyleCop file into the ReSharper settings?

As it is now I have to first make the changes in Settings.StyleCop (so that StyleCop can validate my code using the rules I want) and then I have to make the same changes in ReSharper to get syntax highlighting and warnings in code as i type.

I found this question but it doesn't seem to apply anymore. ReSharper doesn't read StyleCop.Settings.

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With the StyleCop ( plugin for R#:

Under the R# options, Tools, StyleCop section:

enter image description here

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Also, if you have installed StyleCop before Resharper you may not see the StyleCop plugin in Resharper, as I just did now. In this case simple re-run the StyleCop installer, hit change and then you should see a R# integration - enable that and you should be sorted. –  JLWarlow Aug 21 '14 at 10:44
For R# 9 I had to 1) include prerelease packages in Resharper Options -> Environment -> Extension Manager, and then install the prerelease extension for StyleCop 2) Press the Reset C# Code Style Options as shown here, and then 3) Reload the project before my custom StyleCop rules were recognized. –  John Weldon Mar 7 at 14:08

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