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I am developing a Django 1.3 project that contains multiple apps. The project structure is somewhat like this:

- MyProject
  - manage.py
  - MyProject
    - settings.py
    - url.py
    - wsgi.py
  - core
    - models.py
  - web
    - urls.py
    - views.py
  - api
    - urls.py
    - views.py

I would now like to define different handler404 and handler500 for the api app, since it is supposed to return JSON while web returns HTML and can use the default handlers.

Is there a way to override this setting so it is valid for just one app? I really like to avoid running multiple server instances just because of that.

Thanks Simon

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Django httphandler404 is global for a site. In your case, you will have to write a wrapper view which depending upon url (or some other attribute in request) either returns JSON for api app and HTML for web app. You can also define separate error handling views in api and web can call them from wrapper view.

Reference : Customizing error views

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You can define global 404 and 500 handlers which dispatch to specific error handlers depending on the request content-type, accept-encoding, and/or path. Those specific handler functions can of course live in your app modules.

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