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In the Linux platform, if I write in console ps -p "pid" -o command I get full line with all argument which passed in terminal when I run the program. Output in console something like this: COMMAND gedit /home/sasha/Work/unloker/main.cpp (Ubuntu). Now I'm writing the program which main purpose to get complete input command line of process. My C++ code is:

snprintf(path_cmdline, sizeof(path_cmdline), "/proc/%d/cmdline", pid);
fd_cmdline = open(path_cmdline, O_RDONLY);
if (fd_cmdline < 0) {
} else {
  char process_name[PATH_MAX];
  if (read(fd_cmdline, process_name, PATH_MAX) < 0) {
  } else {
     pid_info pid_t;;
     std::cout << pid_t << std::endl;

and output of my program somthing like this: 10753 gedit gedit, but how can I get full command line as when the output of the ps -p "pid" -o command?

Where in the /proc/%d/ kept full command line of the running program? In Solaris system I know exist command pargs which do what I want, may be how now where I may found sources of this command?

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I just tried it and /proc/%d/cmdline had exactly the same information as ps -p "pid" -o command. – Ariel Sep 7 '12 at 7:37
consider using /proc/self/cmdline, that way the current process id will not be requried – John Beckett Nov 26 '12 at 12:20
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The arguments in /proc/pid/cmdline is a list of strings, separated with 0 bytes. Therefore treating it as C string, which is terminated by first 0 byte, will only give you the process name. Replace all 0 bytes up to the size returned by read with spaces and try again.

Here is proof:

$ hexdump -bc < /proc/32096/cmdline
0000000 142 141 163 150 000 055 162 143 146 151 154 145 000 056 142 141
0000000   b   a   s   h  \0   -   r   c   f   i   l   e  \0   .   b   a
0000010 163 150 162 143 000
0000010   s   h   r   c  \0
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It is answer to the question. The question already included reading /proc/<pid>/cmdline. – Jan Hudec Sep 7 '12 at 7:50
LoL, sorry, I didn't read his code i skipped to his question at the bottom. – RobertMaysJr Sep 7 '12 at 7:53
I upvoted you ;-) – RobertMaysJr Sep 7 '12 at 7:54
Jan Hudec thanx,it is what i looking. – Topilski Alexandr Sep 7 '12 at 7:56

in linux, the running process info is stored in the /proc/ folder -
/proc/{PROCESS_ID}/cmdline to be exact - for example here is chrome-

 $cat /proc/3193/cmdline 
 /opt/google/chrome/chrome --type=renderer --lang=en-US --force-fieldtrials=ConnCountImpact/conn_count_6/ConnnectBackupJobs/ConnectBackupJobsEnabled/DnsImpact/default_enabled_prefetch/GlobalSdch/global_enable_sdch/IdleSktToImpact/idle_timeout_10/OmniboxDisallowInlineHQP/Standard/OmniboxSearchSuggest/6/Prerender/ContentPrefetchPrerender1/ProxyConnectionImpact/proxy_connections_32/SBInterstitial/V2/SpdyImpact/spdy3/UMA-Dynamic-Binary-Uniformity-Trial/default/UMA-Uniformity-Trial-1-Percent/group_31/UMA-Uniformity-Trial-10-Percent/group_05/UMA-Uniformity-Trial-20-Percent/default/UMA-Uniformity-Trial-5-Percent/group_13/UMA-Uniformity-Trial-50-Percent/group_01/WarmSocketImpact/warmest_socket/ --enable-crash-reporter=81A0480CAE65B69A53CE6E791EAA05A5,Ubuntu 10.10 --disable-client-side-phishing-detection --renderer-print-preview --disable-accelerated-2d-canvas --channel=2980.13.513987986
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no, I used 'cat', I included the command I used in my answer...... – RobertMaysJr Sep 7 '12 at 7:44
Sorry, I meant terminal. Is that exact copy&paste of your terminal? Because I am almost certain (but can't verify, because I am sitting in front of Windows box right now) that the arguments are separated with NUL bytes. Which would be copied by cat, but would be ignored by the terminal, so the arguments wouldn't be separated by spaces... – Jan Hudec Sep 7 '12 at 7:46
RobertMaysJr How can i get this line in c or c++ code?If i read /proc/3193/cmdline a get only process name. – Topilski Alexandr Sep 7 '12 at 7:47
here's the source code to cat, like @jan Hudec said, you might need to replace the 0x00 byte with a space (0x20) - otherwise most C++ string functions will treat it as the end of the string. (The end of a variable length string is marked with that 0x00 null character - that's how it knows the variable is over.) – RobertMaysJr Sep 7 '12 at 7:52
@TopilskiAlexandr: In fact C**++** functions won't; std::string will happily include 0 bytes and forward them to streams and such. But C functions won't and any C++ functions that use char * for backward compatibility won't either, of course. – Jan Hudec Sep 7 '12 at 8:08

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