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Is it good practice to have multiple statemanagers for the purpose of splitting up multiple outlets that need to maintain separate functionality?


  • iPad style popover windows (http://metalabdesign.com/images/screenshots/flow-inside.png) - this is a separate controller and view then the current state. It makes sense to me to have a "popover statemanager" - that way the router still stays in its current state when the popover is opened - all the other buttons and actions on the page still work...
  • Modal windows, dynamic sidebars, etc...

My thinking is to have a router the controls the main interaction and it simply fires off commands to statemanagers that break up certain "sections" of the current "screen" to isolated parts.

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Did you ever find a good way of handling these multiple statemanagers and outlets? – Kevin Ansfield May 12 '13 at 13:11
Eh, I ended up rationalizing to only have a single state manager / router. I have controllers that observe certain "states" - such as a currentUserController - and my router either interacts with that controller (such as confirming user is logged in when transitioning to a "restricted" route - or the controller tells the router to redirect (such as to a login route). – Conrad Vanlandingham May 12 '13 at 16:39
OK. I was questioning more the popover style windows you mention - I have a similar question open stackoverflow.com/questions/16415686/… – Kevin Ansfield May 12 '13 at 20:03

You should have only one router. Then architect your whole application as a series of states interacting between each other through the router. This way your whole application is much more manageable and easier to test.

You might want to look at This presentation for further insight on the subject.

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