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I have xhtml page with simple form. This page is using for several data tables. To specify data table (and so on), I use GET request parameters. xhtml page receive it through

    <f:viewParam id="page" name="page" value="#{}"/>

and pass again by the navigation rules like

  Global rule for going to the items page from any page  

But if I use inputs in the xhtml file like this

  <h:inputText id="itemName" value="#{}" 
    required="true" requiredMessage="Value for this field required!"/>

I cannot restore view param after trying to accepting form with no text in input. I tried to use hidden input for passing parameters

<h:inputHidden id="page" value="#{}" />

, but seems like validation runs before and is still empty. itemsBean is RequestScoped. What things I do wrong? How can I pass the param?

Thank you for wasting your time.

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You need to keep passing request parameters to the subsequent request. In "plain vanilla" HTML you'd indeed have used <input type="hidden"> for this, but the JSF <h:inputHidden> unfortunately doesn't work that way. In case of a general validation failure, caused by another input field, the model value associated with <h:inputHidden> won't be updated at all.

You should be using a <f:param> in the UICommand component instead to retain request parameters for the subsequent request. E.g.

<h:commandButton ...>
    <f:param name="page" value="#{}" />

Alternatively, you can use the <o:form> of the OmniFaces JSF utility library, it basically extends the <h:form> with an additional attribute includeViewParams which enables you to retain the view parameters for the subsequent request.

<o:form includeViewParams="true">

This may end up to be easier if you have multiple command buttons/links and ajax actions.

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Thanks! I just forget to try <f:param> tag in the commandButton. For the temprory solution, I remove the "required" and "requiredMessage" atributes from inputText and check values via itemsBean and navigation rules. – gooamoko Sep 8 '12 at 2:12

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