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I have studied a lot of example about face detection and also I have detected the eye in iPhone using CIDetector and HaarCascade_eye.xml. But I want to detect the pupils of eye and want to measure the distance between pupils. Please guide me something so that I could do that.

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i detected pupils through HUE color-space some time ago. The white area of an eye has very low saturation.But i used a Desktop system and had good light. –  Jonathan Cichon Sep 7 '12 at 8:14
..did you have any progress with this? If yes, i would appreciate it if you shared, thanks –  user1244109 Aug 14 at 20:27
No, i did not find any particular solution for that. So i cancelled the project. –  Dhariwal_Kuldeep Aug 17 at 5:07

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To calculate distance between two points using the following formula: distance formula

This will get center points of the two eyes (as detected by CIDetector) and compare their locations to output the measurements you're looking for.

if(faceFeature.hasLeftEyePosition && faceFeature.hasRightEyePosition)
    CGPoint leftEyeCenter = faceFeature.leftEyePosition;
    CGPoint rightEyeCenter = faceFeature.rightEyePosition;

    float simpleDistance = rightEyeCenter.x - leftEyeCenter.x;
    //This finds the distance simply by comparing the x coordinates of the two pupils

    float complexDistance = fabsf(sqrtf(powf(leftEyeCenter.y - rightEyeCenter.y, 2) + powf(rightEyeCenter.x - leftEyeCenter.x, 2)));
    //This will return the diagonal distance between the two pupils allowing for greater distance if the pupils are not perfectly level.       
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It sounds like he wants to find the pupils also –  Cole Johnson Sep 11 '12 at 23:12
@ColeJohnson His post seems to imply that he already has, he says that he used CIDetector to detect eyes, which in this case is the pupils. CIDetector returns CGPoints from the center of the detected point. –  0x7fffffff Sep 11 '12 at 23:15
@NSPostWhenIdle Thank you for the response. I have detected eyes but the center of eye is not exactly matching with the center of pupil so i want to detect pupils of eyes. It could be something like by detecting edge of pupils or something like that. So that i can properly detect the pupils and distance between pupils center. –  Dhariwal_Kuldeep Sep 14 '12 at 6:24

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