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Everyone is talking about HTML5 but still it is a developing and an emerging technology. When we start to develop a new web site what are the steps or practices need to be there to say that we have HTML5 in our web site?
Here I what I meant by HTML5 is mainly the semantic web concept. Because some other features like file upload or web sockets doesn't have support from all the browsers.
My basic question is how can we say that that we have developed a HTML5 web site?

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"Here I what I meant by HTML5 is mainly the semantic web concept." — you seem to be defining HTML 5 here. "how can we say that that we have developed a HTML5 web site?" — But here you appear to be asking for a definition of HTML5. –  Quentin Sep 7 '12 at 8:14
"how can we say that that we have developed a HTML5 web site?" — Why do you want to? I can't think of any reason except to dazzle people who don't understand HTML5 with your CV (in which case just say it and provide something else for people who do understand what HTML5 is). –  Quentin Sep 7 '12 at 8:16
@Quentin, No I just wanted to narrow down the question only for the semantic concept. Since the other technologies not compatible with all browsers yet. –  Jayantha Sep 7 '12 at 8:41

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The HTML 5 specification in itself is still a working draft and as you rightly noted, there is no consistent support across browsers for a lot of the things already defined in the spec. Hence, the term - an "HTML5" web site - being really an umbrella term for so many things and hence useful in the abstract however has no consistent meaning at all in the concrete.

It may be better to highlight what particular part of the spec i.e. websockets / localstorage / canvas etc that you are actually using which wasnt available in html 4.

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HTML5 was created to allow semantic tagging, allowing better readability for users and browsers alike.

Using the newly created tags such as article, canvas, aside etc, allows you to label the structure of your website with spamming div tags.

Of course there is a lot more functionality than that such as build in video and audio etc.

HTML5 wasn't created to be a complete rebuild of the syntax, it was just created to improve what we already had with 4.01.

So to answer your question, creating a html5 webpage would involve complying with the new standards and ensuring to use the correct syntax that has been provided. When everyone moves to html5. hopefully it will be a nice big step forward in the nice direction to a better web experience.

I hope that helps, I'm just going by what I've learned so far at university.

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