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guys I am trying to run the example given on github in the following link.

My port on which Solr runs is 8080.

Any of the files given in the examples directory I run gives the following error

{ [Error: connect ECONNREFUSED]
  errno: 'ECONNREFUSED',
  syscall: 'connect' }

Please help me out with this.

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check this source code -

solr uses 8983 port by default

create client with 8080 port, something like......

createClient('', 8080, '', '/solr')
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yeah worked...!!! – Nilesh Sep 8 '12 at 14:46
where in the world did you find docs on the params possible for createClient()? I don't see anything on their docs specifying the params – We Do TDD Jul 29 at 3:19
Follow the link to source code. All the params are explained in detail. – vinayr Jul 29 at 4:20

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