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I am mind boggled at working out how to create a custom seekbar for an audio player using the tag and simple Javascript.

Current Code:

  function play() {

  function pause() {

<audio src="sample.mp3" id="player"></audio>  
<button onClick="javascript:play()" >Play</button>
<button onClick="javascript:pause()" >Pause</button>
<progress id="seekbar"></progress>

Would it be possible to link the progress bar so that when i play a song the progress is shown?

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HTML5 and stuff like onClick="javascript:play()" is an atrocious pairing. –  MaxArt Sep 7 '12 at 8:22

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Yes, it is possible using the ontimeupdate event of the audio tag. You receive this event every time the position of the playback is updated. Then, you can update your progress var using the currentTime and duration propertis of the audio element.

You can see a working example in this fiddle

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Perfect, Exactly what i was looking for! –  Zach Boyd McTague Sep 7 '12 at 9:04
Is it possible to have this code as regular javascript rather than JQuery? –  Zach Boyd McTague Sep 7 '12 at 9:18
sure! here it is! ;) –  jbalsas Sep 7 '12 at 9:35

You should read this very complete article : Everything you need to know about HTML5 video and audio.

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First of all, don't use the progress element, it's a shitty element (for now) and styling it is a huge pain in... well it's boring (look at a little project I made, look at it (and it's juste webkit/moz)).

Anyway, you should read the doc on MDN, it's very easy and with a lot of examples. What you are looking for is the currentTime attribute, here a little snippet :

var audio = document.querySelector('#player')
audio.currentTime = 60 // will go to the 60th second

So what you need is to use the cross-multiplication (div is the element you use as a progress bar) : Where I clicked on div | THE TIME I WANT TO KNOW
Total length of div | The total time of my video/audio (audio.seekable.end())

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