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I have created a Windows8 blank xaml application.And now i want to make this application as a Share Target.I have followed the instructions at below link and able to make it as a Target app.


But where do i add the following method (OnShareTargetActivated) in my blank xaml application ?When i manually add this method in mainpage.xaml.cs , it shows the errors"

"Project.MainPage.OnShareTargetActivated(Windows.ApplicationModel.Activation.ShareTargetActivatedEventArgs)' is a new virtual member in sealed class "

"Project.MainPage.OnShareTargetActivated(Windows.ApplicationModel.Activation.ShareTargetActivatedEventArgs)': no suitable method found to override "

 protected override async void OnShareTargetActivated(ShareTargetActivatedEventArgs args)
   // Code to handle activation goes here. 
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Did you check the sample app? link –  Aymeric Sep 7 '12 at 8:29
I got the answer.It needs to be added to app.xaml.cs file. –  krrishna Sep 7 '12 at 8:51

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It goes in the class that inherits from Windows.UI.Xaml.Application. Typically App.cs.


sealed partial class App : Application
    public App()


    protected override void OnShareTargetActivated(ShareTargetActivatedEventArgs args)
        var rootFrame = new Frame();
        rootFrame.Navigate(typeof(MainPage), args.ShareOperation);
        Window.Current.Content = rootFrame;
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