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I facing with a strange situation with a sql query on mysql 5.1.41 enviroment on a ubuntu machine.

The code follow

SELECT spedizione0_.idspedizione,
        SELECT COUNT(n.idnegozio)
        FROM negozio n
        LEFT JOIN confezione c
            ON n.idnegozio = c.idnegozio
                AND c.idspedizione = spedizione0_.idspedizione
        WHERE n.datainizio <= spedizione0_.dataspedizione
            AND n.datafine >= spedizione0_.dataspedizione
            OR c.idspedizione != 0
        ) AS formula5_
FROM orocashgenerico.spedizione spedizione0_
ORDER BY spedizione0_.dataspedizione DESC

In this case the error says : [Err] 1054 - Unknown column 'spedizione0_.idspedizione' in 'on clause'

The only way to run this query is to change the .. on n.idnegozio=c.idnegozio and c.idspedizione=spedizione0_.idspedizione into on n.idnegozio=c.idnegozio and c.idspedizione=12

The most strange things for me is: if i move the and condition to the where clause the query run conrrectly, of cource the results is not what i excpected.

My question is where is the problem? Is something related to the MySql version ?

Thanks in advange Ale

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You should go over your questions and accept some answers, so that people will answer your questions in the future. –  user647772 Sep 7 '12 at 8:35
@Tichodroma ok thanks a lot –  joksy82 Sep 7 '12 at 8:58
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It's because spedizione0_ is not found with the scope of your subquery. Try this one,

SELECT  spedizione0_.idspedizione,                     // add additionl columns
        COUNT(n.idnegozio) AS formula5_                
FROM    spedizione spedizione0_
        LEFT JOIN confezione c
            ON c.idspedizion = spedizione0_.idspedizione
        LEFT JOIN negozio n
            ON n.idnegozio = c.idnegozio
            n.datainizio <= spedizione0_.dataspedizione AND 
            n.datafine >= spedizione0_.dataspedizione
            OR c.idspedizione != 0
GROUP By spedizione0_.idspedizione
ORDER BY spedizione0_.dataspedizione DESC

Hope this helps

enter image description here

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yeah. Thanks a lot man it work. I will send you a bottle of wine. But still i didn't undestrand the scope issue. Why in where clause is visible and in the ON cluase not. So anyway thanks ;) –  joksy82 Sep 7 '12 at 9:05
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as I can see, you are using the wrong syntax here. When you use a Left Outer join, you cannot mention more than one condition in ON clause. In your case, you need to use one more Left join clause after that ON clause to join 3rd table which is giving error.

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Thats not true, if i use a "ON n.idnegozio = c.idnegozio AND c.idspedizione = 1" the query run. So i can do more than one condition in a ON clause.... –  joksy82 Sep 7 '12 at 9:01
Ya that's right, but in your case since you are joining 3rd table, it can not be done.. –  Kiran Yadagere Sep 7 '12 at 9:13
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