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what is the different between InputMethodService.onKey and OnKeyboardActionListener.onkeydown

which method i need to use if i want to handle the handleCharacter

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OnKeyboardActionListener.onkey and InputMethodService.onKeyDown I think.

Basically, you should use OnKeyboardActionListener.onkey, its designed as a key event listener, you should implement and override it.

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InputMethodService provides a standard implementation of an InputMethod,Its help to inputdata Keyboard,user to draw text.OnKeyboardActionListener.onkeydown is used when u use the virtual keyboard in the device its gives the action on what is touched on the keyboard at that time.Similarly u can use onkeyup after the action is over.Handler are diffrent handler

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I think the onKeyDown is the hardkey listener and the onkey is the listener of the keyboard

you made.

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