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I have a large string with the content from a document. It contain a number of merge fields, and I would like to fetch them in order to generate the value for the merge fields.

The string could be like this:

string text = "This is a test with merge fields. [First_field], [Second_field] and [Third_field]. Not to forget the [Forth_field]."

The list I would like to get out of this, would be like this:

  • [First_field]
  • [Second_field]
  • [Third_field]
  • [Forth_field]

I know it can be done in Regex, but this is definitely not my strength. I have tried with the following code, but it seems to create a single result (from the first and last brackets):

Regex.Matches(text, @"\[.*\]", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);
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You are matching every character between [ and ]. That includes ], meaning you swallow every field. What you need is called lazy matching that can be done using a ? after the quantifier:


Alternatively, you could just match any character except ], which is done using the negation of a character class [^]

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Thanks! I think I go for the lazy matching... – baddaydaddy Sep 7 '12 at 9:45

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