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I have been conflicted for a great deal of time in deciding how to update the app I am developing with notifications. In my app, users can post. I want to alert Users of new posts, just like facebook. However, given that Heroku does not support websockets and the like, deciding what to do has been tough. I DO NOT want to use pusher or pubnub as those services have outrageous prices.

In doing research, I learned about socket.io, which uses websockets if supported, then falls back on flash, or long polling to keep a connection to the server. This seems like the obvious choice for notifications b/c it will allow cross platform integration, it will be easy to implement websockets down the road, and its free.

I have been searching for a Rails 3+ Heroku supported socket.io gem, but I have read so many conflicting things that I am in great confusion. What are/is the best gem(s) to implement socket.io for Rails 3+ & Heroku?

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If you want to use Socket.io on Heroku, you will have to use AJAX polling instead of websockets, since their stack doesn't support it devcenter.heroku.com/articles/… –  Jakub Arnold Sep 7 '12 at 9:05

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We do not support long lived connections on heroku, so unfortunately using socket.io is not supported either. I would suggest that you use AJAX pulling (as Jakub Arnold suggests) to accomplish the same thing.

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