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I'm using the SOAP/XML-RPC sampler and I want to be able to have a variable hostname in the URL and SOAPAction headers.

I have tried passing in on the command line ( and expanding using ${__P(host)} but it seems to be null (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Host name may not be null) when I run the test.

I use other properties passed on the command line in the XML body which are successfully expanded.

Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks, Mark

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Any news on that, was my answer OK ? If your issue is confirmed you should open a bug on JMeter Bugzilla – UBIK LOAD PACK Sep 19 '12 at 17:35

It's working for me:

in URL field I put :


When launching in GUI, I add:


Works with JMeter 2.7 and current trunk , I didn't test with previous versions.

Can you give more details ?

  • What you have in test plan

  • The full exception stack trace in jmeter.log


Philippe M.

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