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I have a problem. My response message contains Chinese characters. So in the console and backstage, all message is garbled.

My log:
Response message=== = <message><header><TransactionID>1</TransactionID><Timestamp>2012-09-07 17:06:55</Timestamp><OpCode>IAG.BOSS_SYNC_USER</OpCode><MsgType>RESP</MsgType><ReturnCode>3095</ReturnCode><ErrorMessage>智能卡已被其他用户使用</ErrorMessage></header><body /></message>

Response message=== = <″凡琚<header><T″凡琚onID>1</TransactionID><Timestamp>2012-09朵荤ㄦ蜂娇绋</ErrorMessage></header><body /></message>

Someone can tell me how to do with this problem? Best regards.

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